The History

The Original lighthouse built at the Holland Harbor location was a small, square wooden structure built in 1870. In 1880 the Lighthouse Service installed a new light atop a metal pole in a protective cage. The old lantern was lowered by pulleys for service.

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The Seasons

Big Red® has stood tall in the Holland Harbor for nearly 100 years. Through rain and shine, through blistering summer days to cool autumn evenings. From the Icy austerity of Winter's relentless march as it gives way to the promise of Spring.

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The Heritage

The work of the Holland Historical Lighthouse Commission has enlisted the hours and the dedication of both local and seasonal residents whose love for the majesty and history of this iconic structure spans generations.

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Welcome to Big Red!

Due to high water concerns and Covid-19 Restrictions, Big Red is currently closed until further notice.

We appreciate your interest in visiting and enjoying this wonderful historic structure, but we all will have to wait until the water level and the threat of Covid-19 subsides. Please be advised that there are areas of the lighthouse that are currently under water, including our main access points.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you all when both these crises to our structure and our health have passed.
       —The Historic Lighthouse Commission

When we are open again...

When planning to visit Bed Red, please take into account the fact that private property surrounds the access points to this historical treasure, so a bit of navigation around, and respecting of private property will help not only ensure your visit is enjoyable but keep the neighbors happy as well..

Pedestrian access to Big Red is available on Tuesdays  and Thursdays to local residents from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Please note overhead view of the Access points to Big Red at right.  

Out-of-state visitors may visit from 11am to sunset Mondays through Fridays. There is parking for four cars beyond the gatehouse, available when the gatehouse is staffed. Otherwise, parking is outside (not at marina or yacht club).  Bicycles must be left in the bike rack at the gatehouse. It is a quarter-mile walk to the lighthouse from the park entrance; the walk is across sand and gravel and is not handicapped-accessible.  No beach towels, dogs, or coolers can be carried in to the park.  Visitors may stay for one hour.

The gatehouse will be staffed weekends during May; this includes the weekends of Tulip Time. There will be an opportunity to park within the gate at that time.

Overhead View of Pedestrian Access points to Big Red.
Overhead View of Pedestrian Access points to Big Red.
Photo Courtesy Robert Ortman